SRMC Acquisition

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Sumner Regional Medical Center Acquisition  
To help ensure the availability of emergency, acute, and skilled hospital care and outpatient services in the community, the Healthcare Authority Board of Directors of Sumner Regional Medical Center (SRMC) have been in discussions with RHG Consolidated (RHG) about acquiring the hospital. The acquisition will provide the professional management and working capital the hospital needs to best serve the community and ensure the long-term viability of the hospital. 
RHG intends to maintain the same clinical services and hospital departments currently in existence at the hospital “The Hospital Board has been actively seeking the best path forward to lead SRMC into the future, and it is clear that this is becoming increasingly more difficult as a standalone facility” said Fred Hinman, Chairman of the Board.   
CEO Les Dean, who will remain as CEO, added, “RHG brings us a new vision for health care in our community and an outstanding opportunity to continue to serve our citizens with a State Of The Art level of care not possible from our current facility.” 
After the acquisition is complete, RHG will establish a local advisory board comprised of local community leaders to provide recommendations regarding patient care, clinical services and community needs. Current members of the hospital’s Trustees will have input as to board members.  RHG also intends to involve the Medical Staff in the strategic and capital planning process for the hospital to ensure that the needs of the community are met.     
RHG was founded to help keep health care accessible to rural communities with the highest quality professional management and access to capital.  RHG leaders have extensive experience developing and operating hospitals in rural settings. RHG is based out of Kansas City and has worked with more than 800 hospitals in rural areas in 42 states. 

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